Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are we located? Woodland Park, New-Jersey, USA
  • What is included in the price? With every plan :
    • The domain name
    • Hosting
    • Script of your business
    • 1 Logo
    • 1 Themes
    • Weekly backup
    • Update existing files are free.
  • How long does it take to complete a web site? Maximum 45 Days, if we have allready for your business could be in 3 days...
  • Can I get a free Quote? Yes, please see our contact information to contact us for your free quote
  • Can I make changes to my web site after it is already up? Yes. If you want to make design changes, Green Future Design will charge a hourly fee which is included in our client agreement. If you want to make changes in your information, Green Future Design can provide training so that client may have access to admin page and make these minor changes
  • What payment methods do you accept? Personal or Business check payable to Green Future Design, money order, cash or PayPal.
  • I saw a web site that I really liked. Can you build the same for me ? Not exactly the same but with minor changes depending on your business, very similiar can be done. We do not have the rights to copy exactly the same web site already existing as this will be illegal.
  • How can I get maximum exposure for my website? We can advertise your web site to the main web search engines like Google, yahoo, aol, etc. We can also put Google, yahoo, aol etc advertising into your website so that they can regodnize your web site.
  • I would like to sell few items online.Do I need an e commerce web site? Not necessarily. We can create our own and do not need e-commerce web site. If you insist to have e-commerce web we can also install an eommerce web site only PHP & MySql.
  • I need a web site and I need it quick. How quickly you can deliver? The standard delivery time is 45 days. If there is an urgent need and you are purchasing one of our standard plan, then we can deliver in 3 business days and no extra charge for that option.
  • What does domain name mean? Why do I need it? Domain name is like your business name ( it could be the same name as your company name or similiar to your company name) representing your company through internet to the world and enable to make sales to increase your company's earnings through internet.

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(973) 997-6564

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West Caldwell, NJ 07006